Directions for Generating PDF and PDF/A


Directions for Generating PDF and PDF/A


The documents on Qucosa are published as PDF files.

PDF/A is a specific ISO-standardized version of the PDF format for long-time archiving. It is strongly recommended that files are created according to the PDF/A standard. Otherwise, the long-time availability of documents cannot be guaranteed.

There are different possibilities to generate PDF files:

  • by means of tools within the used text processing programs (MS Office, Open Office, LibreOffice, …)
  • via external software (Adobe Acrobat, PDFCreator, …)

The chosen software should be able to reliably generate valid PDF/A-compliant PDF files. To support this – in some circumstances complex – process, the following documents have been compiled:

  • Introductory information on the PDF/A standard
  • Instructions for genereting PDF/A-compliant files for various software
  • Explanation of error reports that frequently occur when validating with Preflight in Adobe Acrobat Pro

Please check your file(s) before registering on Qucosa with the SLUB PDF/A validator.

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